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Our price database spans over two decades, providing realized auction prices for over 753,000 artists, as well as estimates for upcoming sales, and details of sale dates and venues.

All of our data is manually verified to ensure accuracy, and is accompanied by charts that make it easy to track market performance over time.


  • Perform unlimited searches by artist or artwork name.

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  • Follow up to 400 favorite artists and get customized Email Alerts each time they feature in an exhibition, auction or the press.


  • View similar artwork results for upcoming and sold lots.

  • Create and download custom artist reports with our Artist Performance.

Why use the MutualArt
Price Database?

Our data aggregation process ensures price information from auctions is published in real-time. This, and the fact that every entry on our site is manually verified, ensures our data’s accuracy and integrity.

Unlike other providers, we also track the performance of specific genres and mediums, allowing you to make informed decisions about the categories of work you collect and sell.

See upcoming sale prices

View auction estimates from around the globe to assess an artist’s current market value and popularity by location.

Buy and sell with confidence

Inform your collecting decisions with performance charts tracking the sale prices for an artist or category over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to access the Price Database?

The MutualArt Price Database can be accessed by anyone with Premium or VIP membership, which starts from just $39 per month – giving you unlimited access to millions of auction results and upcoming estimates.

Which artists does MutualArt cover?

MutualArt displays past auction prices, exhibition listings, upcoming auction information and featured articles on over 753,000 artists – from old masters to modern and contemporary favorites, as well as emerging talent from around the globe. To be listed on our site, an artist must have exhibited or sold work at one of the 22,000 museums, galleries, and auction houses whose artists MutualArt covers.

How many past auction prices can I see?

Access to past auction prices varies according to your membership plan. Unlimited access to our online database with millions of detailed auction results for over two decades, as well as all of our upcoming auction estimates, is included in the Premium and VIP plans.

The Essentials plan will provide you with unlimited access to all upcoming auctions, but is limited to only auction results from the last year. The only plan without any access to past auction prices (results) is the Personal Alerts plan, which is meant to be used solely for upcoming auctions.

Does MutualArt list upcoming lots?

Yes, MutualArt lists upcoming lots for over 753,000 artists.

If you are simply interested in being alerted about upcoming auctions based on your indicated interests then our Personal Alerts plan is the way to go. You will receive daily emails that include auction lot estimates alerting you about upcoming sales for all of the artists that you follow. Make sure to follow up to 15 artists and as many auction houses as you wish in order to get the most out of your membership.

However, if you become a Premium or VIP member you will get full access to MutualArt’s Price Database, gaining unrivaled insight into both past auction results and upcoming estimates.

How can MutualArt help me analyze the art market?

MutualArt provides decision support tools for anyone assessing the value of art. Our Price Database makes it easy to search past and upcoming auction prices for over 753,000 artists, and provides artist performance charts, as well as detailed market analysis, tracking the performance of artworks by category, medium, artist nationality, and sale location.

The Artist Performance reports allow you to view different data insights and graphs and is included in our Premium and VIP memberships, or can be purchased separately per artist.

What's included in my membership?

Become a Premium or VIP Member to gain unlimited access to MutualArt’s Price Database, plus a host of other benefits. Both our Premium and VIP Members receive art market alerts, tailored to their interests, and can also access our online appraisals service.

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