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Make the art market accessible for everyone.


Provide all the necessary tools and information to make art-related decisions.


Stay up to date with the art market and make smart decisions.

Know how much the artworks you own are worth.

Manage and grow your collection wisely.

Who We Are

We are your eyes and ears on everything that happens in the art market. An international team of art lovers, web professionals and data analysts driven by passion and excellence who work relentlessly to make the art market accessible to everyone.

Our data is sourced 24 hours a day from over 22,000 venues and organizations and is manually moderated to guarantee its accuracy.

Founded in 2008, MutualArt has millions of members worldwide and continues to develop technological solutions for all your art-related needs.


Introducing the most comprehensive art market data service. Site is an ‘invite only’ for selected members.


Opening the service to everyone.


1st Art Market alert was sent


Starting the 1st 72 hours or less Online Appraisal service


1st article on Magazine


New site design


Introducing the Similar Artworks Algorithm


MyCollection - Collection Management System


Introducing the largest Private Sales network


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Stay up to date with the art market and make smart decisions

Follow your favorite artists, venues and locations to receive daily updates on the art that interests you. Get upcoming and sold lots, upcoming and running exhibitions, and fresh articles - all the information you need on a personal curated email.

Browse each artist’s page to view their entire collection along with details such as condition, provenance, size and pricing, a complete index of the artist’s solo and group exhibitions, and their market performance on a year over year chart with its median and average per medium. Or explore market trends over the last year by category, medium, location and artist nationality.

Explore all artists through our artist index, searching by name or category, or discover new favorites with our Artist Discovery tool.

Wherever you are, always keep track of the exhibitions happening close to you.

Stay tuned with our Magazine, which features new articles every week with artist profiles, exhibition recaps, art history, market trends, news and analysis.

If you know exactly the artist or artwork you are looking for but need some help finding it, our exclusive Private Sales team will search through our extensive network of galleries and auction houses to help you get your hands on that special piece.

Know how much the artworks you own are worth

Although you can navigate through our Price Database to get an idea of how much your artwork is worth, we strongly recommend letting our expert team help you with an Online Art Appraisal.

Manage and grow your collection wisely

Handling entire collections can be hard - lots of details to fill out, different currencies to convert, files to upload… MyCollection makes it easier. Plus, it shows you similar lots, lets you add trusted contacts and is 100% secure.

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